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How to help teens cope with social distancing w/ Dr. Amy Mezulis

Episode Summary

How do we help our teens cope with the impact of social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis? Clinical Psychologist Dr. Amy Mezulis joins us again to talk about how we support our kids through the impacts of social distancing.

Episode Notes

Dr. Amy Mezulis is a Seattle based licensed clinical psychologist and Chair of Seattle Pacific University's Clinical Psychology Department. Dr. Mezulis specializes in adolescents, including mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, suicidality and self-injury, trauma, substance use, and adolescent development.  In this episode you will learn:

About UpLift and Dr. Amy Mezulis

UpLift is a new teletherapy service that Amy and colleagues, including Michelle Kuhn, are building to deliver quality mental health care to teens and their families.  They are now accepting teletherapy clients. Families can find out more at or email Amy: drmezulis [at]

For more from Dr. Amy Mezulis listen to culture SHIFT Episode #2 "Our Teens Mental Health Crisis." Learn more about her work at Seattle Pacific University and her private practice at Eastside Psychological Associates.

Disclaimer: This episode is for informational purposes only. If you or your child is experiencing a mental health crisis, please seek immediate help from a licensed medical professional.